How much money can you make with Today Profit?

According to Today Profit, it is possible to earn up to €1,300 per day, with a 92% success ratio. Today Profit Review: Reliable Site or Scam?
In our opinion, this figure seems a bit exaggerated and we suggest that users should not expect such high returns when trading with this software. Any profits reported by this robot are neither guaranteed nor proven.




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Today Profit Review: Reliable Site or Scam?
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Today Profit Reviews

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Today Profit Testimonials and User Reviews
When we looked through the Today Profit reviews on, we found many mixed reviews from users who have used the service.

Half of them were positive
The other half were negative.
Some users called the software a scam
Others reported making between €500 and €1000 per day with the robot.
Since experiences can vary widely, we suggest you try it at your own risk and only invest what you can afford.

It is important to note that it is not easy for new traders to achieve the profits noted in the testimonials.

Profits can vary considerably and depend on the user, trading parameters and many other factors.

One should not forget the risks and volatility of the crypto-currency market.

That’s why, as a new trader, we always recommend you to start trading with the minimum deposit (€250) , and to set investment limits.

Our opinion on Today Profit

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Today Profit Review: Reliable Site or Scam?
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Has Today Profit appeared on TV?
There have been many rumors circulating all over the internet that Today Profit has appeared on TV shows. We have done some research, and the result has shown us that these rumours are false.

👉 Dragon’s Den and Today Profit
Today Profit Review: Reliable Site or Scam?
Dragon’s Den is a rather popular television show that highlights entrepreneurs looking for investors.

This show has been associated with Today Profit, although we have not received any evidence that it is actually affiliated with the software. In fact, one of the show’s hosts, Naomi Simpson, has denied any connection between Dragon’s Den and Today Profit.

So if you see an advertisement that states such an affiliation, disregard it!