Metaverse Poised to Reshape Social Life: CoinWire Survey

• A new survey from CoinWire revealed that 69% of users believe the metaverse will reshape their social life and interactions.
• Microsoft secured 158 metaverse-related patents over the past 5 years, overshadowing Big Tech firms such as Meta, Tencent and Epic Games.
• New metaverse features that included touch and smell were recently revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023.

The crypto and Web3 space saw a dichotomy between turbulent markets yet high prospects for the future in 2020. Both users and investors alike have continued to pour into the industry, especially in areas involving the metaverse. A survey conducted by CoinWire in December 2022 revealed the strong sentiment of users towards the metaverse and its potential to reshape social lifestyle.

The survey gathered data from over 10,000 investors in the crypto space, and the results were quite telling. 69% of respondents placed their bet on the metaverse to reshape social lifestyle with a new approach to entertainment, while 65% believed in metaverse’s new approach to social activities. Additionally, sentiments on how the metaverse would impact finances, business, and education were also high at 61.2%, 49.6%, and 45%, respectively.

This sentiment has been further validated by the amount of investment and resources that have gone into the metaverse space. Microsoft, for example, secured 158 metaverse-related patents over the last five years, surpassing Big Tech firms such as Meta, Tencent, and Epic Games.

Furthermore, the metaverse is beginning to have a more tangible impact on our lives. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2023, new metaverse features that included touch and smell were revealed, showing the potential of the metaverse to reshape our social lives and interactions.

All in all, the survey from CoinWire and subsequent investment and resources going into the metaverse have made it clear that the digital reality of the metaverse is poised to influence all areas of social life. It is still too early to tell just how much the metaverse will reshape our lives, but the possibilities are certainly exciting.

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